G-Stack Presents: Tha Color Purple Vol.2

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1. Tha Purple Intro (G-Stack)
2. Tha Homie (G-Stack)
3. Getting Money Over Here (G-Stack & Mistah F.A.B.)
4. Yep (G-Stack & Deev Da Greed)
5. We Got Grapes (G-Stack, Qoolceo, Pretty Black & Deev Da Greed)
6. Geast Oakland (Deev Da Greed, G-Stack, Eddie P, Curcinado, Beeda Weeda, Askari X & D.O.T.)
7. Money Pile (Mistah F.A.B., Pretty Black, G-Stack & Deev Da Greed)
8. U Hyphy (G-Stack & The Heem Team)
9. Color Purple (Deev Da Greed)
10. Aw Man (Mistah F.A.B., Deev Da Greed & G-Stack)
11. Bumpin' Bitches (G-Stack)
12. Let's Go (Clyde Carson, The Delinquents & D.O.T.)
13. So Good 2 Me (Keak Da Sneak, G-Stack, Father Dom, D.O.T. & Naté)
14. So High (Deev Da Greed, Pretty Black, Mistah F.A.B., Qoolceo & D.O.T.)
15. Meet Me At Tha Club (Grape Juice Jones)
16. Mop Tha Flo (G-Stack, Deev Da Greed, J-Stalin, Qoolceo & D.O.T.)
17. Invitin' (Grape Juice Jones)
18. Cumfukmezon (G-Stack, Deev Da Greed, D.O.T. & Tay Peezy)
19. She A Renegade (The Heem Team, Mistah F.A.B., G-Stack & Kaz Kyzah)
20. That Still Don't Go (G-Stack)
21. Is That How U Feel (G-Stack, Deev Da Greed, Bavgate & D.O.T.)
22. Qoolceo (Qoolceo & D.O.T.)
23. Ridin' N Sidin' (The Heem Team)
24. My Hood (Guce, G-Stack, Tuff & Johnny Cash)


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